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Welcome to the Arondel Family Acquisitions Wiki!Edit

Arondel Family Acquisitions is a guild on the Tarnished Coast in Guild Wars 2. It is a heavy roleplay guild, and this wiki is used to supplement our website and forums, located at

Please email us at if you have any questions.

Here is a table of all entries on the Wiki. Please alphabetize if possible. Every time you make a page, put a link in here. Otherwise, no one may know that it exists. If you want a template for a type of entry made, let Amacynth know.

Archival Entries are for diaries of any sort or observations your character may have made in some RP setting (ex: notes about an induction ceremony, Amacynth was wearing that in a pub? etc.), Flora & Fauna would be information relating to Tyria's wildlife (ex: an entry musing on the strangeness of the Sylvari, an account of dealing with a corrupted lifeform, etc.), Other Knowledge is any sort of knowledge that may not be known widely in character, if at all.

There is a character template page for your use. It can be found here.

Arondel Family Acquisitions Characters Archival Entries / Public Knowledge Flora & Fauna Other Knowledge / Personal Entries
Aaron Blake

Adrian Green

Adrian Mneme Cycle of the Dawn - Adrian's Journal
Agatha Richter

Aidan Kearne (the Divine)

Aivore Fay A Devil's Tale, Aivore's Journal
Akius Asares
Alexander Blake

Alyss Aidan

Alyss' Journal Alyss' Research, Alyss' Diary
Amacynth Arondel Memories of a Countess
Anjh Trijntje Anjh's Journal
Anshar Blake
Arelian Alvingham The Journal of a Merchant Abroad
Ark Silverleaf A Sealed Dark Blue Journal
Arys Malverien
Artemis Beaumont
Autronius Arondel
Avaliss Solzon
Azrael Fabre
Barugo Gorgan
Beau Brandon
Brash Dirtwelder
Bryan Spencer Vigil Inquiry Subject: Bryan Spencer
Cain Varus
Cassandra Liare
Cecily Belizaire
Cedric Loxley
Celes Virin
Court Kelsworth
Declan Cooper Mission Log - Declan's Journal
Delphine Serenna
Dylan Sunderland
Edith Helmsplitter
Elijas Arondel
Elsai Quickheart Messy Handwriting - Or Is It Claw Scratches?
Emb Ordsdottir Emb Ordsdottir - Legendary Norn of Legend!
Evahna the Merciful
Faraus Archleon
Feroc Battleborn Honor to the Battleborn
Gabriel Lynde
The Gear Sisters
Gunnjar Frostbane
Hael Fein
Haztion Withermane
Hroth Geistjager
Hugoh Sinclair
Idunna Varumarke
Illithor Farmer Illithor's Drunken Ramblings
Iyurin Yang
Jacob Strecker
James Eveligh
Jamie Henderson Jamie's Diary
Jovari Strauss Arondel Family Acquisitions New Employee Primer, Strauss Family History
Jonathan Ottway True Crime in Divinity's Reach

Jude Weiss

Julianna de Ca'vienne

Julianna's Journal Soliloquy
Kais Vannoux
Kalen Stockfeld

Kalenor Ashir

Kaylis Merrin
Kestrel Galen Kestrel's Sunrise
Kherg the Defeated

Kirche Duval

Lareia Rellian
Liam Everett Malere

Catch Hell Blues, The Death of Frances Brooke

Lynnea Florence A Bedside Diary
Maccabee Black
Mae Fellsyr

Mander Mindrend

Mander's First Act
Marissa B. Smart
Marius Whitecrane
Mikal Rasul
Mister Tiggs Mister Tiggs' Codex on Subtext, SIG - Subtextual Interpretation Golem
Nasscien The Mender's Log
Nikoletya Dante
Ninnuma Grey
Nymera Frostpaw Razor-Edged Snowflake
Overseer Kregg
Percy Blake Percy's Journal
Phaedre Courcel
Pierre Axton
Renthis Mirend
Rikyu Voltaire
Riley Turaev
Ritch An Ascalonian Adventure, A Torn Letter of Blame and Tears Ritch's Relic Reliquary
Samael Rellian Samael's Dominion
Sarah Strauss
Sarelina Saint-Vincent Atop the Nightstand Lies a Journal
Selene Lacroix The Dwarven Musicbox A Background on the Lacroix Family in Kryta, Selene's Diary
Shahin Safavi
Sivan Fiala A Split Life
Tamas Ibeju
Tobias Arondel
Tyrius Hawkeye
Vellara Lunalily
Vitari Jaelan
Wrenchsprout Catharsis
Yui Ashir

Zarr Sparktooth

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